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dedicated hosting service
Dedicated Hosting Service
In order for a web site to be accessible on the Internet, it needs to exist on something called a "host," along with server software that runs on the host.  A host is basically a computer that uses some type of operating system software such as Windows 2003, Unix, or Linux, as well as HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) server software such as Apache.

dedicated server chassis with disk drive bays
Website servers require chassis with space for hard-drives.  These hard-drive arrays often allow drive swapping, even while running.  Websites usually require the hosting servers to stay online even during maintenance and they may run on many servers at the same time.

Web hosting plans are generally classified as "shared" or "dedicated."  Shared hosting uses a single computer to host multiple websites; this type of web hosting is commonly used for small websites, startup sites, and sites with limited traffic.  Dedicated hosting uses one computer to host a single website; dedicated servers are commonly used to host large websites and sites with high traffic volumes.  Dedicated servers often feature redundant disk drives for more reliable performance.

dedicated server concept The client with a dedicated hosting plan leases an entire server that he doesn't share with anyone else.  Hence the name "dedicated."  The client organization has somewhat more flexibility, because it has full control over the server, including the type of hardware and the operating system it chooses.  If the client requires server administration, the server hosting company can usually provide these services for an additional charge.  Which operating systems are available?  As mentioned before, the client can, in most cases, use whichever operating system he wishes.  Some of these are provided by the hosting company free of charge, while others are provided at an additional cost.  Most dedicated hosting providers also offer one or more control panel options, such as cPanel, DirectAdmin, or Plesk.

In many cases, dedicated server hosting can offer the client less overhead and a larger return on investment than hosting a website in-house.  Dedicated servers are often housed in large data centers that provide redundant backup power sources and industrial grade HVAC systems.  A dedicated server, owned and managed by a web hosting service provider, is often more cost-effective than co-location hosting as well.

rack-mounted server computer
This rack mount computer server is typical of the dedicated servers that host high-performance websites.  This server provides easy access to ports on the front panel, enabling technicians to perform maintenance efficiently and quickly swap out parts as needed.

Dedicated Server Hosting Solutions

  • HostRocket.Com
    Learn about this New York-based company's dedicated server, reseller, and shared web hosting plans.
    Offers dedicated server solutions for most applications.  Customize one of the base servers with your choice of operating system and choose from a range of hardware, network and software options.
    Features virtual dedicated server hosting plans for e-Commerce sites and database applications.  Choose the support plan that best fits your needs.
  • Rackspace
    This Texas-based firm offers a wide range of managed, dedicated hosting solutions with a proactive service philosophy.

Dedicated Server Hosting Resources

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